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Strategic Health, Inc. was started by Teresa when she began exploring the health coaching realm.  She came up with this analogy to describe why this type of help is crucial…

In some area of our lives, we are each on a slippery slope with a cliff at the end. If we don’t make a change, we know something unpleasant will happen. Most people try to make a 180 and end up doing a 360. Every time they try to fix their lives, they end up slipping back into old habits.  It’s so frustrating!  In some cases, it is also life threatening.

At Strategic Health, Inc., we have systems that stop that pattern of “try and fail.”  Our program provides a strategic plan for how you can recover your health.  You take a Health Survey that helps use determine what area of your life is most in need of a change. Then, together we develop a customized Roadmap of Recovery that gives you a structure for making your turn around.  In addition to the map, we provide tools, resources, and support. You are most likely to succeed in pulling away from the cliff if you have someone working with you. Our expertise is in the area of health, but we are willing to help with any dire issue.  Please don’t slip any further – contact us today!   Visit our website by clicking here.

Strategic Health, Inc.

Santa Fe, New Mexico



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