When Diets Don’t Work

Image - when diets don't work canstockphoto2617017Have you tried every diet on the planet?  Are you waiting breathlessly for the next new diet fad?  Have you spend too much of your hard earned money on pills and programs that end up sitting on your shelf?  Do you use your treadmill or other exercise devices as clothes racks? Are you tired of having hope only to have it be dashed to bits?

The sad news is no diet is going to work if you hold within you self-destructive emotions.  Emotions are the power behind willpower.  If you are driven by negative emotions, sticking to a challenging program is almost impossible. Why?  Unresolved emotions from painful past events demand to be comforted.  They are desperate to not feel the pain. For most people relief comes in the form of substances. For those attracted to this site, the substance of choice is food.

The good news is that emotions can be transformed and even released. Coping mechanisms can become obsolete. New ways of thinking and feeling can make effortless what once was impossible. Once your destructive emotions are examined and resolved, you can choose any reputable diet plan and it will work without fail.

If you have ever wanted to understand the core causes of your weight issues and know how to deal with them, Feel Yourself Thin is for you.

Feel Yourself Thin isn’t only for those who have been through rounds of weight loss programs, it’s also for people who want a realistic look at why someone they love carries extra weight.

Many people who struggle with being underweight or anorexia and bulimia can also benefit from this information.

The answers to weight issues are not simply found in eating and exercise. Some answers are rooted in our past, our emotions, our misconceptions, and other mysterious places.

Be it for you or someone you love, the concepts in Feel Yourself Thin have the power set people free from the prison of weight.

“If you have a problem, you are a candidate for a miracle.” – John Maxwell


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