Thank you so much!! I started reading and couldn’t “put it down.” That is saying a lot for someone who is dyslexic! ~ Catherine A.

Thank you, thank you!! I am more excited about your program than I have ever been about trying to lose weight!! In fact, until now, I’d decided to just continue living with my weight. You are great and I REALLY APPRECIATE how you are “unlocking” those thoughts and exercises. You are making me conscious of what and when I eat!! Your affirmations are fantastic!! ~ Vernetta R.

I know that the emotional aspect is a big part of weight gain and loss. Stress and hormonal issues also play a big roll. People just don’t get it! When I mention the emotional aspect they look at me with mouth agape like HUH? What are you talking about? ~ Alice D.

I agree that the emotional is often ignored and is key. It has been excellent. ~ Donna S.

For me, “Feel Yourself Thin” helped break through the plateau I had been on after the first 20 pound loss and to knock off the next 10 pounds. ~ Becky H.

Thanks so putting so much into this and I’m hoping it helps many, many people start living a more healthy, satisfying life. ~ Pat Gunther

I have learned so much and grown from the knowledge.  ~ Patsy S.

Good messages expressing good ideas. My life has been in turmoil, so I read the messages. I am trying not to feel trapped by the word “diet.” I am taking back my life. I am tired, but I am alive. Knowing you are there gives me hope. ~ Verla F.


One thought on “Testimonials

  1. I have lost some weight for the last 5 years even having good food choices but handling emotional problems still not resolved. I know emotions play an important role in general health but have not faced them correctly. Discarding negative emotions it is possible to lose or gain weigh. The book remainded me to go on thay way and found useful and practical tips written with love by the author who knows how to go successful. Is a great book. Pedro S.

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