Meet the Author

Teresa Becker

Teresa Becker had been a college instructor and writer for over twenty years when her chronic health issues became unbearable. Every year she gained 10 pounds while obsessing about losing weight. She had no energy to work and every day was filled with pain. Teresa’s doctors did not offer viable solutions, so she found answers for herself. Through the application of sound health concepts and working through many of the emotional issues presented in Feel Yourself Thin, Teresa has lost 55 pounds of excess weight and has recovered her vitality. She now shares the hope of healing with others who are suffering. Teresa studied nutrition at the Institute of Integrated Nutrition in New York City. As the owner of Turn Around Consulting, she works as a health coach, writer, and educational speaker.  She lives with her wonderful husband and sweet rescue dogs in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Teresa’s Recovery Story

Teresa at 220 pounds

This picture shows me at 220 pounds in 2002.

I was ready to die. My long list of ailments included fibromyalgia, migraines, infertility (due to PCOS), acne, chronic constipation, hypothyroidism, all of the breast cancer markers, obesity, and unrelenting pain. I felt nauseous before and after I ate. I tried every diet on the planet, obsessing about losing weight, and still gained 10 pounds each year. I had no energy to teach college classes anymore and my brain took a vacation. When my hair started falling out in clumps, something had to change. I went to doctors who gave scary options that I could not agree to doing. In response, they said, “Come back when it gets worse.” Unwilling to wait until I had to use their treatments, I became proactive and discovered logical answers in the realms of natural health.

One year after the doctors sent me home, I was 40 pounds lighter and lived without daily pain, headaches, and nausea. My thyroid function was normal and my energy was abundant. Best of all, my brain and hair came back! I finally learned that true health requires healing in the body, the mind and the spirit.  A significant part of my recovery was addressing the emotional aspects of why I carried extra weight.  For me, it was primarily to protect me from men – I had developed that fear through abuse as a child.  Not only was my coping mechanism bad for my health, it didn’t work at all.  With the same fortitude I employed to heal my body, I was able to overcome my fears.  When the fear left, so did the weight.

Today, I weigh in at 162 pounds and feel better than I ever have before.  Thankfully, I won the war between me and my food.  It’s easy to make healthy choices.  And, above all I have maintained this weight for over 6 years.  No more yo-yo dieting, obsessing about weight, and no more embarrassment over being bigger than everyone else around me.  Having said that, I have extreme compassion for people who are caught in the trap I was in.

Trust me, there are answers.  No situation is hopeless.  You can overcome your weight issues and be healthy in every way.  Even though many diet plans are good and work if you work them, I encourage you to take a break from looking outside yourself for answers.  Look inside because that’s where the true solutions reside.

How Feel Yourself Thin Began

Feel Yourself Thin was born when a dear friend, DaLisha Verdeyen, was expressing despair over her weight. She was a first-time mother of a one-year-old and really wanted to lose weight to improve her health. I told her “I’m not an expert, but I have learned a lot about health and weight. I’ll share what I know.” She was grateful. I began sending her emails giving information about weight issues that I had experienced myself.

The emails spoke not only of physical aspect of struggles with weight, but also emotional and spiritual aspects. She loved the materials and was able to apply them to her life. I decided to expand the focus and invited other people to participate in what was becoming a “program.” I put out the invitation to my client database and filled the twenty slots within two days. Many of the praises you read for Feel Yourself Thin came from the experiences of those twenty people.

By the way, Feel Yourself Thin has also been helpful to people who are suffering with anorexia and bulimia.

The book is just the start of the potential Feel Yourself Thin has for helping people overcome weight issues and become healthier by applying sound educational concepts to their lives. I will continue to produce writings via this blogsite as a way to continue to provide steps up the slippery slope of weight and health issues.

A Personal Message to You

Dear Reader, this content is not just about other people who succeeded; it’s about you succeeding. Like me, all you need is the right tools and the will to use them proactively. If you are tired of trying diets and failing every time, today is a good day to begin reading Feel Yourself Thin.

Choose to be healed in all three parts of your being! It can happen and don’t believe anyone who says it can’t.  I pray these writings be a catalyst that helps you become the best version of you.

With sincerity and love,

Teresa Irene Becker

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