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Feel-Yourself-Thin-CoverWhen Diets Don’t Work – The answers to weight issues are not simply found in eating and exercise. Some answers are rooted in our past, our emotions, our misconceptions, and other mysterious places.

Opening Prison Doors – The person who struggles with weight issues is held captive in a prison made of flesh. Access to better health and your desired weight is blocked by a series of locked doors. How do you open a locked door? You need a key that fits the lock.

Committed Effort – We are in this together. I certainly have experienced portions of the path you are now walking and know how hard it is. I’ll be sharing my experiences to prove that. Be patient with yourself as we explore what can sometimes be scary or uncertain areas. Be assured, your true solutions will unfold like the clues in a great mystery.

First Affirmations – Affirmations are positive thoughts that help a mind stay focused on the goal. At the end of each chapter is an affirmation that applies to that topic.


Principles versus Rules – Rules say, “do this and don’t do that.” Rules limit. Rules set the minimum of good behavior. And rules are meant to be broken. Principles are statements of truth.

When Nothing Works – When nothing works, take a break from looking outside yourself for answers. Look inside because that’s where true solutions reside.

Cycle of Despair – It goes like this: you get so desperate you’ll try anything, then you try really hard to do it, then you sabotage yourself, then you stop doing it, then you gain weight, then you get so desperate you’ll try anything. And so it goes on and on. Learn how to get off the spinning wheel of despair.

Crystal Thoughts – We are cruel to ourselves, more cruel then we would be to anyone else. Find ways to be more kind and gentle to yourself so that your body can thrive.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – For those of us with weight issues, every mirror is magical. When we look into a mirror, we hear a voice. It is our own voice that pronounces the verdict on the reflection. “I’m so fat.” “You’re ugly.” “That’s disgusting.” You have heard the voice say the cruelest of things. When you think negative thoughts toward yourself, your body has a physical reaction to those words.

Society’s Eyes – Part of what you are battling in your mind right now is years of training (a.k.a. brainwashing) in “proper” behavior and thought by the whims of society.  Discover how to reverse that programming and love who you are becoming.

Our Romance with Food – Food can mean so much more to us than mere sustenance – the way to fuel the biological body. Food can be a comforter when life hurts or an entertainer when boredom strikes. Food can be the punisher when a mark has been missed or the absolver when an old record of accusation is playing in the mind. Even though food can be all these things, it really is best at being sustenance. It is not good at being a lover.

Weight of Stress – Stress is our unseen enemy because it sets in motion a series of actions and reactions that are normally reserved for when the person is in danger. Stress increases inflammation in our bodies, mostly in the form of excessive output of adrenal hormones like cortisol. We must find ways to de-stress in order to lose weight.

Peer Pressure – Peer pressure is alive and well in the adult realms. As an arm of societal control, it is both subtle and pervasive. In terms of weight issues, peer pressure can be downright rude.  Learn how to turn the pressure into something positive.

Embarrassed to Be Me – If you are feeling embarrassed about your weight, please give yourself grace because you are making progress toward who you want to be. It’s going to take time. I share my most embarrassing issues with being overweight and what it meant to me to overcome them.

Stopping the Abuse – The little girl I was felt powerless to stop adults, so her only option was to turn in on herself. She could not punish them, so she punished herself. That child grew up into an adult that carried on the abuse, hurting herself again and again. I do not know why that happens, but I know it happened to me. Someone has to stop the abuse.

Hiding from the Pain – Cover your eyes. Now count to 20. While you are counting, the friend you call “Pain” is going to go hide somewhere inside your body.

Trigger Responses – Emotions are powerful motivators. They can motivate us to take beneficial action or they can lead us to take harmful actions. When it comes to food, emotions can influence what we want to eat, how much, and when.

Hormones Make Me Moan – Ask any man if a woman’s behavior changes when her hormones change each month!  Becoming educated about hormones is beneficial because of their far-reaching effects on health, emotions, and weight.


Seeking the Magic Pill – The desire for quick and easy relief is so powerful a person will pay far more than they should to attain it.  Rather than chasing a gimmick, consider these proven beneficial elements that can really help with weight issues.

Higher Comfort – The problem with food as a comforter is that it has no intelligence, no emotion and no conscience. As easily as it can befriend, food can become a mortal enemy. So what can replace food as our comforter? There’s only one answer.

Your Body is a Teenager – If you want your body to lose weight, it will quickly convince itself that you are starving it on purpose and stubbornly hold on to its fat cells. You can argue with it, plead with it, even try to control it against its will, but the body will often win.  It’s acting like a teenager. Learn new communication skills that improve the relationship you have with your body.

Physical Maladies – Symptoms are the body’s cry for help. If I don’t listen to the cries, the symptoms will become acute. If I don’t take action to help my body, the symptoms become chronic. If I still don’t help, “dis-ease” occurs. If the disease continues, death is the result. At any point in that process before death, you can respond and turn it all around.

Initiating the Flow – Overeating is not always an emotional choice. If the body is not absorbing enough nutrients, it generates a “Send more food!” signal. We are compelled to eat more in order to survive. Many heavier people are not indulging – they are starving. Absorption of nutrients and weight loss requires flow through the body. Learn how to get things moving again.

The Attic of Your Mind – Some of the memories we cling to are truly worthless. Like sorting through an attic, you find some things were kept just because they were kept, not because they were wanted. Perhaps some of what you are keeping is causing you to retain your weight.

Tending the Garden – It is too easy to compare ourselves to others and make a judgment call. Such thoughts are not honoring to oneself or to the person being evaluated. The time I spent gazing into someone else’s life and comparing myself to them was time that I was not moving forward on my own path to wellness.

Stuck in Trauma – Sometimes our reaction to the more challenging events in life causes us to check out emotionally. Some health practitioners believe that trauma is stored in our nervous systems where it creates damaging and often enduring symptoms. Our bodies store these emotions, but we can find ways to release them.

Sleeper, Awake! – Life is like the dream. Usually things are great, sometimes nothing makes sense, and once in a while stormy times cause us to run for cover. We experience this dreamy life through our consciousness – the part of us that is supposed to be paying attention. At times we are so unconscious of our surroundings, we might as well be asleep. Many of us are sleepwalkers when it comes to knowing ourselves.


New Forgiveness – The most surprising thing to me about forgiveness is that it comes in layers. I think I have forgiven someone and then a week, a month, or even years later, I find myself having to forgive again. It’s not easy each time my pain resurfaces and causes me to go back to that time when I was hurt. And yet, every time I allow myself to heal in those deep places I emerge on the other side feeling better and stronger.

Loving the One I Call Me – Hate is a strong word. Some say the opposite of love is hate, but I think the opposite of love is apathy. I may say I hate myself, but what I’m really saying is I don’t care enough about myself to love me.  Discover how life can show you the way back into your own heart.

Proactive versus Reactive – Do you find yourself being reactive to the situations that occur in your life? In the same way we are reactive with life’s situations, we can be reactive when it comes to food. See if any of these situations have happened to you, then plan to be proactive for a future recurrance.

90/10 Ratio – What if I told you that you don’t have to give up everything you enjoy?! If you would like a lifestyle plan that doesn’t make you deny yourself and is so simple it can be described in one sentence, consider applying the 90/10 ratio to your food choices.

It’s a Journey, Not an Event – Health recovery and the resulting weight-loss is more a marathon than an archery contest. While both sports require preparation and dedication, the runner must also develop incredible endurance. Feelings and their resulting emotions affect stamina. Pull from deep inside you the resolve to work through your emotional issues so that you can move onward and upward.

In Closing – Doing emotional work is not an easy path, but it is a good one with rewards for those who stay the course.

Tell Us Your Story – Tell us what has happened to you as a result of reading Feel Yourself Thin. Don’t worry about having the perfect words, just share your heart.

About the Author – Learn about the woman who wrote all these words!


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